Community Partners

The following community-based organizations have partnered with Capital Breast Care Center to provide breast health education and access to breast cancer screening services at the Center:

Why CBCC for Casa de Maryland?

"Por su disponibilidad para realizar mamogramas y papanicolaos a nuestras mujeres sin importar el condado de residencia, .CBCC es un gran apoyo para CASA de Maryland y la comunidad a la que servimos."  ("For its availability to perform mammograms and pap smears for our women, no matter their county of residence. CBCC is a great support for CASA of Maryland and the community we serve.")

--Norma Martinez, Community Outreach Coordinator, Casa de Maryland

"One of the women who attended a session here with CBCC followed up with getting a mammogram. She lives in a women's shelter and has been resistant to many of the services we have offered, yet she followed up with CBCC. It makes a huge difference in the lives of the women who come here."

--Jane Kennedy, Isaiah House, So Others Might Eat