We can bring them to you!

The Capital Breast Care Center provides workshops at various locations. Center staff  have delivered workshops to churches, childcare centers, English for Speakers of Other Languages classes, women’s shelters, and community clinics, among other locations, to raise awareness on women’s health issues. The  workshops include:

Breast Health 101. What is breast Cancer? How can I reduce my risk of getting it? How do I do a breast self-exam? This workshop will answer these and many other questions related to breast health and early detection. The workshop discusses common myths, teaches participants how to accurately perform a breast self-exam, presents signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and discusses nutrition and exercise as ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

Breast and Cervical Health: What Do I Need to Know? This interactive 60-minute presentation discusses the importance of early detection and annual mammograms and Pap tests. What should I expect at each exam? Do the screenings hurt? How should I prepare? Group discussions prepare women for these annual exams. Risk factors, techniques for performing a breast self-exam, and signs and symptoms of cancer are also covered during this presentation.

Living Smart. How can I live a healthier and happier life? How can I improve my health? This interactive workshop focuses solely on health behaviors that will lead to overall wellness and reduce risk of illness. During this workshop, participants will learn whether they are at a healthy weight and will take a quiz on their current health habits. These activities are followed by mediated group dialog on easy ways to start making healthier choices. Participants will walk away with recipe booklets and tips for better nutrition, and they will learn new ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Workshops can be tailored to the audience upon request.

To request a workshop, please contact our health education team at 202.784.2704.