Foundation for the Future


As our founding partner, the Avon Foundation has generously supported CBCC since 2004, allowing the Center to provide education and screening services to more than 12,500 women.  The corporation has generously continued its support annually for the past ten years.  As we look forward to celebrating our ten year anniversary, we are proud to know that the Foundation has come this far with us.

The Avon Foundation is the largest corporate philanthropy dedicated to women’s causes globally.  They have raised and donated more than $910 million worldwide.  With the ultimate goal of eliminating breast cancer, the Foundation has been working to sustain screening and treatment efforts that fight the disease since 1992.  Their “breast cancer crusade” promotes awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services, and scientific research. 

CBCC has always been well matched with Avon as the mission of their crusade captures the essence of our work.  Their mission involves prioritizing breast cancer research; improving access to breast cancer screening, especially for the underserved and poor;  and increasing the awareness and understanding of the need to improve breast care for all.

The Foundation has followed our progress and remains invested in our continued success reaching women in the community.  Our follow-up appointment rates are encouraging, and our patient navigation program is thriving; achievements such as these are made possible by Avon.  We appreciate their valuable support and look forward to continuing our partnership.