Our Family

Austin, Hayley & Danielle

Three students, Austin Hansen, Hayley Kropog and Danielle Duff, came to Capital Breast Care Center in February 2014 through a special program of the School of Continuing Studies. These young women were enrolled in the Social Impact Communications class as a part of their Master's Degree program. And they chose to work with us!

When we first met them, we really did not realize how much they would enhance the image, message and spirit of Capital Breast Care Center. Immediately, they learned about our history, our challenges, and us quickly became more determined to make an impact.  Magically, their work became their passion. They reminded us that we were doing great work and infused a new energy into us.  They allowed us to benefit from their experiences and their knowledge providing us with a toolkit for success.

They became our family.  Although their class is over, they are still with us, cheering us on, answering questions and just being there.  Isn't that how it works? Real family doesn't run away during challenging times, they are there with you, holding your hand and giving you a hug when you need one. 

We have no doubt that they will continue to do fantastic things with their lives because that is who they are. They are determined, focused and tenacious women who add a unique level of passion that is infused in the work they do.   Our wish is that they never forget that they are forever in the heart of Capital Breast Care Center.  They are our family!