Nurse Practitioner Lyndsay Anderson Is a Natural Fit at CBCC

Our staff members are not just employees, they are patient advocates. That is the philosophy of nurse practitioner, Lyndsay Anderson, who joined Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC) in February 2014. Formerly a nurse practitioner in the cancer unit at Georgetown University Hospital, she understands the reality of breast cancer. After witnessing the ravages of the disease, Lyndsay felt compelled to do something on the opposite end of the spectrum to promote good breast health habits among the women she serves. Through education and advocacy, she hopes to intercept as much as devastation as possible. She found her niche in CBCC, and the rest is history.

Lyndsay knows how common it is to hear a patient say of their health care, “If I’d known, I would have.  No one told me.” In her own words, “Patients deserve better,” and she sees her work as an opportunity to increase the number of women who are well informed about their health. The onus is on the health care provider as, “No one can know everything. It is necessary to provide patient’s with information.” In true CBCC fashion, Lyndsay recognizes the unique needs of each woman. Everyone is important, and getting to know patients as people is a priority. 

As our nurse practitioner, Lyndsay sees patients for Pap tests, clinical breast exams or to discuss any issues or concerns. She is one busy lady! Nevertheless, she knows that the relationship that she cultivates with a patient makes all the difference in that patient’s long term habits and perceptions. She works to ensure this by maintaining open communication with her patients:  “At CBCC, patients can listen because they know you’re not hiding anything.”  Patients want to know that their health care provider is with them every step of the way, confirming Lyndsay’s assertion that, “It matters where you hear results. The health care provider should be the one to explain your results to you.”  In accordance with the Metcalf study of the University of Texas, she knows that people are likely to retain only about 10% of what they hear, so she is currently developing patient-friendly information sheets that patients can use as a reference for what she tells them during a visit.

“Patients need someone to advocate with them.”  Advocacy is essential for Lyndsay.  Our smaller clinic is perfect for more personalized care; the staff is more available to advocate for the individual and provide a more well-rounded patient experience.  Our advocate nurse practitioner understands that it is our responsibility to meet individual needs, and she believes that health care should be available, accessible and approachable.  When those elements are in harmony, it maximizes a patient’s ability to be proactive about her health.

We are excited to welcome Lyndsay into our CBCC family!  It is impossible to ignore her passion for the work that she does, and we appreciate her earnest effort to advance our mission in the community.