What to Expect

A mammography machine

What can I expect when getting a mammogram?

1. Sign In

  • Once you arrive at your scheduled site, you will complete any necessary paperwork before you are escorted to a private dressing room to change into a gown.
  • Store your clothes and belongings in a locker.

2. Mammogram

  • Next, you will go to a room with an X-ray machine. A technician will ask you to stand in front of the machine. She will position one of your breasts on a plate.
  • While on the plate your breast will then be compressed with a clear paddle. This is done in order to help even out the thickness of the breast and to keep the breast free of movement so that a clear image can be obtained.
  • The technician will go behind a wall to take X-rays of both breasts. When she is finished, she will come back and release the pressure on your breasts.
  • To get a different picture of your breasts, the technician may ask you to change positions. She will compress your breast again to take another X-ray.
  • After she has taken the X-rays, you will be asked to wait while she makes sure she has all the X-rays your doctor needs.

How long does it take to get a mammogram?

Your visit may take about 30 minutes.

Will it hurt?

You can expect to feel a lot of pressure on your breast as it is compressed. This may be uncomfortable, but it does not last long. If you have more discomfort than you can stand, please tell the technician.

How will I know the results of my mammogram?

Our Capital Breast Care Center staff will call you or send you a letter with your results.